MantisVR: Underwater housing for Insta360 Pro and Pro2

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Mantis VR underwater housings make it easy to achieve professional 360/VR productions with the Insta360 Pro and Pro2 cameras—8K, 3D and live-streamed.

  • 8K, 6K, 4K video in 2D (monoscopic) and 3D (stereoscopic).

  • 56 Megapixel RAW still images.

  • 4K live-streaming, pre-stitched direct from the camera.

  • 8K live-streaming, using optional Insta360 Live software.

  • Ideal for photogrammetry / 3D reconstruction.

An immersive 3D VR experience you want to stay in.

“There’s nothing that delivers underwater 360 3D at the same calibre as the Mantis VR housing.”

— Richie Robinson, award-winning underwater photojournalist

The Insta360 Pro camera series mimics the human head size and eye distance for a truly convincing VR experience.

The Mantis VR housing has been meticulously designed with clean zenith and nadir views for unprecedented stitch quality.

Check out this video sample of the Mantis Sub.

Video Sorce:

Source: Mantic VR

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